House Bar & Kitchen at Highland Lodge

House Bar & Kitchen at Highland Lodge

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Highland Lodge is focused on providing welcoming, personalized hospitality to our guests. Breakfast service is included in our guest rates. 

Our popular House Bar & Kitchen serves dinner and drinks Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 5-9 pm, plus many special events. When school is out over the summer, we also host taco and BBQ food trucks on our lawn from 5-9 pm on Monday and Tuesday nights, while the House Bar serves special margaritas in addition to our full bar. We also cater beach cookouts and family reunion dinners on our property in the summer as guests request them.

Locals, as well as guests, are welcome to enjoy our dinner and drinks with friends, with craft beer on tap (including selections from Greensboro’s award-winning Hill Farmstead Brewery), wine and cocktail selections, and our delicious family-friendly pub menu.

For our latest events and schedule, please check our Facebook page or scroll down on our home page for our calendar.

We have rotating food trucks on evenings when the lodge is closed- Sunday/ Monday/ Tuesday and a special burger night on Wednesdays.