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Frequently Asked Questions


Your availability calendar looks like you are full for the week I'm trying to reserve, is this true?

   Most likely! Folks are able to book 365 days in advance for up to 2 weeks at a time. Our calender is live, accurate, and completely up to date. Summer months tend to book up fairly quickly, so don't wait to make that reservation!


If I stay in the lodge, is there a kitchen or refrigerator?

  Unfortunately our rooms inside the lodge are not equipped with individual refrigerators or microwaves.  Because of our licensing and use, our commercial kitchen is off limits to guests, but we do have a small refrigerator in the main living room that is open for all guests to store items in. Please make sure you remember to take those items with you when you depart!


Does my cabin have a place to cook?

  All the cabins except Edna and Grace have  kitchenettes and are stocked with cups, plates, bowls, silverware, cookware and cleaning supplies. Wolf Cabin is equipped with a full stove/ oven unit. All the cabins have coffee makers and toasters.


Is breakfast included in the room/cabin rental?

  YES!! We offer a buffet of homemade goodies with special treats daily. 


Is your kitchen open for lunch?

  Our kitchen is not open for lunch, but there are plenty of options to choose from in the area.  Try picking something up from the Craftsbury Genny, WIlleys, Hardwick Diner, or make a reservation for a garden lunch at Perennial Pleasures.


Can I bring my dog?

  Yep, but only if you are staying in a cabin.  We do not allow pets in the lodge or at the beach, if you'd like to take your pup for a swim, the public beach is available right in town. Please keep your furry friends on a leash while on Highland Lodge's property and pick up after them. We charge a flat fee of $60 per day for pets and up to $200 for any extra cleaning if necessary.


Do you sell day/season passes to your private beach?

  Unfortunately we do not! Our full occupancy is 93 guests and our beach is only so big, thus we do not sell beach passes. 


Can I bring my own boat and leave it at the beach?

  If you want to bring your own small boat/paddle board, be our guest!  However, we do not suggest leaving your vessel at the beach, as another guest might think it belongs to us and will take it out for a spin. We do not allow dockage of motor boats on our dock.


Do you have kayaks, boats, paddleboards, etc for rent?

  We do not rent out our boats/kayaks etc.  However, they are free to use as available to our guests. We have sail boats, kayaks, a row boat, canoe, paddleboard, and paddleboats along with PFD's and oars/paddles. If you are looking to rent kayaks/ bikes/ etc for an adventure, there is a garage in downtown Greensboro that offers daily rentals. 


Do I need to make reservations to eat in the beer garden?

  Guests and the public are welcome to eat in the beer garden on a first come first served basis, the front porch is available for table service and our guests have priority seating.  Anybody else who wishes to eat on the porch is based on availability.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

  Yes and no. While our restaurant/bar is in operation, you are not permitted to consume your own alcoholic beverages on the porch, or in the backyard beer garden, or anywhere that our restaurant liquor license dictates.  You are allowed to consume your own alcohol in your room, the living rooms, your cabins and at the beach.  We do not allow glass bottles on the beach, and please take your refuse with you. 


I've been coming to Highland Lodge for X years, do you still serve Ishkabibble?

  Yep, its back, along with other tasty treats like creme brulee and cheese cake which rotate nightly. 


Are there air conditioners in any of the cabins or rooms?

  We do not have any A/C units anywhere in the lodge.  It's typically nice and cool up here in this part of Vermont, even in the summer.  However, if there is a bit of a heat wave, we suggest keeping your windows closed during the heat of the day and opening them back up and turning of the fan once things cool down. If climate control is of any concern, Wolf and Wallace cabins have A/C units. 


What time is check-in/out and where do I do that?

  Check-in is at 3pm and check out is at 11am.  When you arrive at the lodge, use the door on the far left side of the porch and somebody will be in the office waiting for you. If nobody is at the desk, either find somebody in the restaurant/bar or call 802.322.4456 and press the *STAR* key to reach us directly.


What is the WiFi and cell service like at the lodge?

  We do have WiFi in and around the outside of the lodge. We are located at a fairly high point for the area and get pretty good cell coverage on our grounds. There are some spots that are better than others in terms of signal strength.


We haven't been to Highland Lodge for a while, what is it like nowadays?

  It's AWESOME!  We try to make the lodge an inviting place for folks from all walks of life. While things aren't what they used to be, we've made subtle and tasteful changes to keep folks coming back week after week and season after season.  We are excited to welcome back those who have been coming for generations along with first time guests. If you are looking for a bit of quiet solitude we recommend staying in a cabin, as the lodge can be a bit of a bustle during our busier times. Come give us a try and see how we're keeping this vibrant pilar of the community alive!  


         -Chad and Elsa