Abstract Art in Nearby Stowe

Fans of abstract art will find themselves impressed by Brian Fekete’s five-piece exhibition on display at the 571 Projects gallery in Stowe this fall. The exhibition, which includes five original abstract paintings created in 2019, marks Brian Fekete’s first solo show in Vermont. His collection of large-scale oil paintings explores the relationships between the surreal, dynamic forms of color that stem from the artist’s internal emotional states and the recognizable, tangible, corporeal elements that exist in our physical world such as playing card suits and architecture—things that we can all recognize immediately in their spaces, nestled between the vibrant, surreal, and abstract forms that make up the majority of the pieces. 571 Projects is a boutique gallery that had its genesis in New York City. When its original venue (nicknamed Cold Castle) was slated for demolition, the gallery became nomadic until it settled in Stowe. Today, our area has the opportunity to experience the art of emerging artists and enrich
the community with curiosity, wonder, and beauty.  Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a savvy art collector (or anything in between), visit the 571 Projects gallery for Brian Fekete’s Quixotica exhibition this fall and prepare to be amazed. Quixotica will be on view through December 20th. Visit the gallery’s website for more information and plan your visit today with a stay at Highland Lodge.

571 Projects
56 Park Street
Stowe, VT 05661