Art of the Earth: Lynn Flory’s Mill Village Pottery Studio

One of the hidden gems of the Northeast Kingdom is no crown jewel; it’s mud. A lot of mud. Or rather, the beautiful, colorful, and smoothly molded pottery from Vermont-born Lynn Flory’s studio, Mill Village Pottery. Her space, called a sanctuary by visitors, is a place where decades of professional discipline, practice, and training meet the imaginative freedom of creation and artistic expression. Her methods carry over into the practical nature and versatility of her pottery and are said to instill a palpable energy within them.

Perhaps it was her ten-year training with world famous potter Otto Heino. It earned her possession of many of the man’s famous rare glazes, including the signature “yellow.” In the realm of functional pottery, Flory’s signature is the Yunnan Steam Pot, which provides a healthy and energy-efficient way to cook. While the pot traps flavors and nutrients when cooking, it also takes up very little room. If you’re looking for something unique that is small, simple, and fun, stop in to browse the Yunnan Steam Pots.

Other works by Lynn Flory are works of art, each with their own story to tell and infused with an energy said to be palpable. For any setting and any request, Flory is known for her diversity, color, and woodland scenes of trees, mushrooms, and animal silhouettes, as well as those profound, life-changing conversations you end up having with someone as extraordinary as her. Mill Village is more than a pottery studio, it’s an experience and one that is unmistakably a Northeast Kingdom one. There couldn’t be a better souvenir to take home with you to remember your trip to the Northeast Kingdom.

Visiting Mill Village Pottery will mold you into something different, and better, and perhaps into a person with a new steam pot. Mill Village Pottery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-5PM, Friday 9:30AM-4PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM, Sunday 12AM-4PM. Call for an appointment outside normal business hours. You’re welcome to place a custom order. Visit their Facebook page.

Mill Village Pottery

6 Mill Village Road

Craftsbury Common, Vermont