Color Musings from Highland Lodge Artist Maggie Neale

Color has attracted my attention all my life; before I could talk I drew with crayons. Growing up in Ohio as a farmer’s daughter, I spent time in the fields, marveling at the distant tree line and being aware of the upturned rocks at my feet.  I have studied art through high school, university, and workshops.

The urge to create is instinctive and restorative to my spirit.  I have been fortunate to make my living through art all my life.  My work has been shown in Vermont Supreme Court twice and also at Vermont Arts Council.

My paintings, whether on silk or canvas, are color musings, the inner dance brought forth alive onto a surface of cloth for others to view.  Using densely mixed tones with surprising harmonies, I use calligraphic lines to form energized abstracted shapes, adding textural elements for interest.  

My work continues to represent the effects of the earth moving under our feet, shifting us all a bit out of balance. It might take a lingering examination to come into focus and extend into a universal conversation.

- Maggie Neale

Maggie Neale's works are available for purchase at Highland Lodge. Email for more information.

Maggie Neale

8 Scribner Street, Montpelier, VT 05602
802-229-9446, 802-279-0774