Explore the Northeast Kingdom’s Waterfalls

There’s nothing more serene and tranquil than the cascades of a waterfall, especially during the annual snowmelt in the beginning of spring. Our famous mountainous terrain has created some beautiful waterfalls that give visitors a peaceful way to experience the breathtaking natural landscape found only in the Northeast Kingdom. So, pack your sneakers and a picnic lunch and prepare to explore the Kingdom’s most picturesque vistas

Right here in Orleans County is Willoughby Falls, a 15-foot cascade that is mostly known for its shallow rocky sluice and the leaping fish during the spawning run. The Willoughby River drops over a 6’ ledge into a trench and then descends another 10’ down gradual tiers. While not admired specifically for its grandeur, the rock formations are interesting and the view of the calm cascade is easily accessible. It’s a great location to stop for a relaxing picnic on your way back to Highland Lodge or a quick outdoor adventure on a sunny day. Click here to learn more about Willoughby Falls.

Barnet Falls in Caledonia County, sometimes known as Great Falls of the Stevens River, has a 60-foot total drop into the Connecticut River that takes an interesting diagonal route down a rock face into a gorge. Here, the first sawmill and gristmill were built in 1771 and 1772. The falls drop beneath the Route 5 and West Barnet Road bridges in the middle of Barnet. Head to the lower tier from Mill Street by turning off Route 5 on the north end of the bridge to get a full view of this unique waterfall. Since the land around it is private property, and not a park, your view will be limited to the roadside but is still magnificent nonetheless. Visit the website to learn more about Barnet Falls.

In Stowe, you will find one of the state’s greatest drops at Moss Glen Falls, a 45-minute drive from Highland Lodge. Moss Glen Falls is a four-tiered cascade with a total height of 125 feet. Because of the gorge’s steep walls and difficult terrain, it can be hard to get a good view of the waterfall, but with the heavily forested landscape and the possibility of seeing peregrine falcons, the hike into secluded Vermont woodlands is well worth it. To reach the standard viewpoint, expect a 10-minute hike one-way. Pack a light lunch and enjoy the view of the 75-foot final plunge of Moss Glen Brook. Click here for more information.