Go Waterfall Hunting in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Exhilarating and cleansing, yet serene and tranquil, it’ll be worth your effort to visit the many cascading waterfalls as they burst forth during our annual snowmelt. Echoing with the distinct sounds and crisp smells of these energized...

Right here in Orleans County is Willoughby Falls, a 15-foot cascade which appears to be a giant set of rapids during the melt and other high water events. Known for its rocky sluice and leaping rainbow trout during their spring spawn, the Falls are fed by the Willoughby River.  The River drops over a six-foot ledge and rapidly descends along gradual tiers, slowly carving its interesting rock formations. The falls are easy to get to and a great location to stop for a relaxing picnic.

In nearby Stowe, a 45-minute drive from Highland Lodge, you’ll find two five-star waterfalls: Bingham and Moss Glenn. Bingham Falls is in a secluded gorge that drops 25 feet into a pool of deep, pure Vermont water. You’ll encounter various cascades and plunges as you hike towards the main attraction. Moss Glen Falls is a four-tiered cascade with one of Vermont’s greatest drops of 125 feet. Because of the gorge’s steep walls and difficult terrain, it can be hard to get a full view without wading. The upper falls are viewed high above the brook after a 10-minute hike and feature a 20-foot plunge followed by a curving horsetail.

Sometimes known as the Great Falls of the Stevens River, Barnet Falls in Caledonia County is a 30-minute drive from us. With a 60-foot total drop into the Connecticut River, it takes an interesting diagonal route down a rock face into a gorge. Here, the first saw and gristmills were built in 1771 and 1772. Although the land around the falls is private property, head to the lower tier from Mill Street by turning off Route 5 on the north end of the bridge to get a full view of this unique waterfall.

During your hike, keep an eye out and you may spot peregrine falcons. We’ll be waiting to hear all about your adventure when you return to the Lodge invigorated, revitalized and rejuvenated.

As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. ― John Muir