Ice Climbing in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a picturesque landscape that teeters between the civilization of its small villages and towns and the pristine, natural wilderness of its breathtaking landscape. Because of the distinctive terrain found here, we have some of the most remarkable and exhilarating outdoor activities in the country, especially during wintertime. With heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, and plenty of ice, you’re either huddled up by the fire or bundled up outside climbing a frozen waterfall on one of Vermont’s largest mountains.

For adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies, Mt. Pisgah is your mountain, and it’s not far from Highland Lodge. The cliffs of the nearby mountain become draped in ice throughout winter, and those that dare to climb its sides are in for some unforgettable and absolutely breathtaking views of the Kingdom’s countryside from your vantage point over the glacial Lake Willoughby.

Whether it’s new to you, or you’re a seasoned rock and ice climbing veteran, Kingdom Adventures Mountain Guides offers a variety of outdoor programs and courses that are both educational and entertaining. From avalanche survival and wilderness medicine to rock and ice climbing, Kingdom Adventures Mountain Guides has decades of experience in its field of the outdoor adventure profession.

The Introduction to Ice Climbing one-day course introduces you to the skills associated with waterfall ice climbing. Learn about the equipment and techniques used to climb frozen waterfalls and moderately angled ice terrain. All technical equipment will be provided; tickets cost $175 per person for two climbers. Visit the website for more information and plan your ice climbing adventure!

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