Karmé Chöling Yoga Retreat and Trails

Dedicated to enlightenment and enhancing our inner wisdom, compassion, and kindness for the betterment of society, Karmé Chöling has been offering meditative and contemplative programs for over 40 years using Buddhist traditions. Walk the beautiful grounds, volunteer for a day, or attend a meditation session in the evening.

Located on 700 acres of rolling green hills in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, the center features six meditation halls, a Zen archery range, organic garden, and sacred shrine called “The Stupa That Conquers All Directions.” As physical representations of Buddhist ideals, stupas are unique pieces of sacred architecture acting both as a nurturing practice center and a location that leaves strong karmic imprints on the mind. Ask an employee or volunteer if you can visit the Stupa That Conquers All Directions.

The center also has several hiking trails that allow visitors to view the scenic grounds in the wooded hills. The Rigden Ridge trail traverses the challenging Dragon’s Spine ridge, a nexus of energy for the area, and takes about an hour and a half with some beautiful vistas along the way. For a fifteen-minute relaxed stroll through the woods, take the Naga Trail. To enjoy the company of the bubbling Steven’s River beside you as you walk through pine woods, take the twenty-minute River Walk.

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Karmé Chöling Shambhala Meditation Center
369 Patneaude Lane
Barnet, VT 05821