Lift Your Spirits at Barr Hill

Inspired by the panoramic views from atop the Barr Hill Nature Preserve, Caledonia Spirits makes Barr Hill craft gin and vodka using raw local and regional ingredients. The distillery’s mission is to support working landscapes and local agriculture from its vista views on Greensboro’s highest point, all while carefully crafting some of the world’s best gin. Its signature ingredient? Raw honey. And the Vermont-only process from fermentation to distillation makes sure these spirits have been born and bred in the beautiful Vermont highlands, down to the barrel.

Before it won Gin of the Year, Vodka Distillery of the Year, and gold medals from Gin Masters, American Craft Spirits Association, and the SIP Awards, Barr Hill started out as an apiary. After almost 50 years of beekeeping and selling honey, an interest in distillery and brewing brought Caledonia Spirits to life. Within a couple years, the iconic Tom Cat gin was an instant success and a year’s stockpile sold out in three weeks.

While the distillery holds tours throughout the week, every week, there are a couple opportunities to get up close and personal with the process, equipment, and masterminds behind-the-scenes.  In July, take the Landcrafted Adventure guided road trip that showcases Caledonia Spirits and Barr Hill Nature Preserve with the naturalist tour guide Sophia Barsalow and the Caledonia Spirits founder, Todd Hardie. The trip meets at Highland Lodge and returns for complementary cocktails, which is a great (and convenient!) reason to get your ticket now. The tour includes a guided hike of Barr Hill Nature Preserve and tour of Todd Hardie’s distillery farm, Thornhill Farm, where Caledonia Spirits grows its locally-sourced, award-winning ingredients. The Landcrafted Adventure is July 20th 3PM-6PM as well as August 17, 2017. Visit the website for more information.

You can also take a Distillery Cocktail Walk on July 13th and August 10th 3PM-5:30PM. This VIP tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at Vermont’s Prohibition-era past. Enjoy three stops and learn from three different experts the process of distillation, taste the signature honey-inspired Landcrafted spirits and Jasper Hill cheese plate, and meet the Vermont-native author, Adam Krakowski. Visit the website for more information about the Landrafted Adventure.

With a proximity to one of the country’s best distilleries, Caledonia Spirits provides visitors at our bed and breakfast to get a true taste of the natural clarity of Vermont. Raw honey, barrels made from Vermont lumber, and a view you won’t find anywhere else make this refreshing excursion a must-do during your stay; it’s an experience with a timeless taste America hasn’t seen since Prohibition. Cheers to that.

Caledonia Spirits Distillery

46 Log Yard Drive

Hardwick VT 05843