The Northeast Kingdom's Off-Road Biking Trails

The best thing about biking is that you can explore the hard-to-reach, out-of-the-way locations that paved roads don’t even go near. In the remote reaches of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, this is especially true. When the pavement stops, make sure you’re on a fat bike or hybrid and begin your off-road adventure in a landscape unlike any other.

In total, the majority of the Northeast Kingdom’s 2,500+ miles of roads are unpaved. So it’s a no-brainer why fat and wide tire bicycles are perfect for an outdoor adventure this spring in our three-county corner of Vermont. With breathtaking scenery and quiet back roads that explore the best parts of nature, bikers have been itching to get off the pavement and into the more varied terrain of the Northeast Kingdom.

Follow the routes planned out by the Cycling the Kingdom’s Back Roads project for nearly endless opportunities for bicycling in the unspoiled region we call home. The project features six loops, five links (through-routes) and three spur routes. Use the loops for single-day excursions and the links for connecting the loops for longer tours. Use the spurs for extended travel itineraries but plan all according to your own interests and time availability, as well as level of ability. All the routes were researched and selected by experienced cyclists familiar with the region.

For bike rentals, (if you need something heavier-duty than Highland Lodge's rental bikes), visit the Craftsbury Outdoor Center or get more information by clicking here. For more information on the biking trails and off-road paths of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, click here and plan your fat bike excursion today!