Use Trail Finder for Your Next Northeast Kingdom Hike

One of the main reasons visitors come to our area is to explore our network of trails. Whether it be for hiking, biking, snowmobile riding, snowshoeing, or sightseeing, you’ll quickly find yourself strolling along these backroads and pathways whether you planned on it or not. Thankfully, you have one of the best trail mapping resources available to you right at your fingertips and it’s called Trail Finder. Trail Finder is a free, interactive mapping site designed to help Vermont and New Hampshire residents find hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and paddling trails across both states. You’ll find essential information about trails nearby as well as find nearby geocaches, upload photos of your hike, post trip comments, and much more. On the website, you can search for specific trail, enter your location, or choose by category.

Take a moment to reflect. What kind of outdoor experience are you looking for? Are you looking for a breathtaking view from a mountain summit or are you more interested in a tranquil and relaxing walk through nature that allows you to observe wildlife? With your preferences updated and filters applied, view your results. Trail Finder allows you to easily see the distance of the trail as well as a difficulty rating and short description to give you more details or provide interesting, unique, or important information and facts. It’s all up to you. Trail Finder will help you find the right path--and stick to it.

For more information or to get started using Trail Finder, click here.