View Vermont’s Famous Landscape from the Clouds

Our mountaintops may have some world-class views of the nearby fjord-like lakes or neighboring ranges, but nothing can compare to the views from pilot Don Post’s flight tours of Vermont’s spectacular scenery. His business, Stowe Soaring, has a variety of trips from ten minutes to one hour that explore local landmarks like the Lamoille Valley, Mt. Mansfield, Green Mountains, and Stowe village, all from thousands of feet in the air.

The Intro Trip is a short ten-minute teaser that will give you a small taste of what Post is offering at Stowe Soaring. Longer trips will fly over the Green Mountains and across the Stowe countryside. The 40-minute Mile High Mt. Mansfield Special flies over Mt. Mansfield which has a peak elevation at 4,393 feet. The view on this trip covers three states, two countries, and has been described as being a life-changing experience. The best part? The plane can only take two so grab your special someone and take a romantic outing into the sky for a truly unforgettable experience together.

Stowe Soaring also offers regular flying and gliding lessons as well as rentals for pilots of all levels, novice to expert. The season for gliding at Stowe Soaring runs until October 31st. For more information on Stowe Soaring and to watch a teaser video, visit the website

Stowe Soaring

2305 Laporte Rd,

Morristown, VT 05661