Visit the Northeast Kingdom's Vistas on a Llama

Even though we’ve had to reluctantly pack away our winter gear and our favorite skis, spring and summer blanket the Northeast Kingdom, revealing the landscape’s breathtaking natural beauty that earned it its moniker. Countless mountain peaks roll off to the horizon and beyond like towering oceanic rogue waves. Just as it is in the winter months, Vermont is perfect for the outdoor adventurer, the true explorer at heart. If you’re visiting for the first time, you can count on feeling good after breathing this fresh mountain air or splashing in the cool waters of our many fjord-like lakes. While Highland Lodge is settled overlooking the scenery of Caspian Lake and its surrounding countryside hills, there are many more areas to discover that display Vermont’s wild natural beauty in her fullest regalia.

To the south, Groton State Forest boasts 25,000 acres of rugged, unspoiled woodlands and hiking trails that are easily accessible from the parking lot at the New Discovery Camp Ground off Route 232. Take an easy 1.5 mile hike to the summit of Big Deer Mountain. Another option is to take an unlikely, albeit unique, companion along the way. Northeast Kingdom Llama Expeditions offers hikers a guided excursion into the reaches of Groton State Forest with a llama carrying a picnic lunch and gear. At the same time, the llama offers companionship and an enjoyable experience (not to mention a leisurely pace upwards).

Look for Northeast Kingdom Llama Expeditions off Route 302 west of the town of Groton in a white house with a barn beside it. Just look for the pasture out front with tethered llamas.

For more information on Groton State Forest, click here.