Visit the Only Reindeer in Vermont this Christmas Season

The drive northwest to the Vermont Reindeer Farm in Brownington is well worth the journey. Celebrate the holidays with the only live reindeer in the entire state! Walk the nature trail on snowshoes as the reindeer, named after Santa’s own, stroll through the forest in search of snacks.

Besides being a near-mythical creature in our favorite stories about the holidays, reindeer are unique (and very real) animals. Actually, a subspecies of caribou, reindeer have evolved traits that make them experts at beating the cold weather way up north and no, they can’t fly or make their noses glow but the famous trait of Rudolph may have been inspired by something a little more tangible than you think. Their specialized noses are designed to warm the frigid air before reaching the lungs. Their footpads also change seasonally, ranging in density from a springtime softness to the hard exposed hoof in the winter that can cut into ice. Both genders also have antlers (which grow three feet tall!) and even more specialized reindeer have tendons in their ankles that click so they can travel through blizzards without losing one another.

The holiday season becomes busy for Santa’s favorite helpers, though, so call ahead or contact the farm itself to discover where you may find one or more of them in closer towns. For more information on the reindeer at the Vermont Reindeer Farm, click here

Vermont Reindeer Farm
3108 Chilafoux Road
Brownington, VT 05860