Visit the Rooftop of Vermont

The popular idiom—take a hike—takes on a whole new meaning with our proximity to Barr Hill Natural Area. Lace up your hiking boots and head straight from the Lodge or your private cabin up through the trail into the woods to the celebrated nature conservancy.

Barr Hill’s breathtaking vistas, reached by the vantage points of stone ledges carved by 10,000-year-old glaciers, feature Belvidere Mountain, Jay Peak, and the 75-miles view of Killington. Meanwhile, all around you, the 256-acre landscape is bursting with life, still in its long, but astounding, recovery after being entirely clear-cut. Barr Hill is the paragon of Mother Nature’s ability to recover, to heal herself, and to grow and grow once again.

Despite its relatively unimpressive elevation for Vermont, it’s the view from the top that has made Barr Hill so special to the area. Because of its location, not its height, Barr Hill has one of the most extraordinary views in the United States, teaching us all a valuable lesson we won’t soon forget: the best things in life are all about where you are and who you’re with, not what or how much you have.

The .8-mile hiking trail at Barr Hill is an easy, self-guided escapade for the jaw-dropping view you’ll see at the 2,100-foot peak. On your way, marvel at the tiny houses visitors have placed along the path, inspired by the Tolkien-esque feeling they’ve had in the fairytale forest. And Barr Hill is truly magical. Come and see for yourself.

1521 Barr Hill Road
Greensboro, Vermont 05841