Visit Vermont’s Most Peaceful Lake

For over 65 years, Caspian Lake has been one of Vermont’s most popular vacation destinations and we’re just feet away from it. We have a great view of the lake, too, so we understand why so many people want to vacation here. Besides being famous for its quiet serenity and solitude in northern Vermont, the lake is also great for outdoor activities like water skiing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and even listening to music. Every Sunday evening in the summer, a long-standing tradition brings residents and visitors to their boats, docks, decks, and porches along the shoreline of Caspian Lake to hear the classical music concert played from the Landon Lake House.

For the angler at heart, Caspian Lake brings fishermen seeking lake trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, and landlocked salmon. Early morning and evening hours are the best times for a peaceful fishing trip. Take the advice of some Caspian regulars, though, and be wary of submerged rocks when boating. For the swimmer, enjoy snorkeling in the sunlit shallows or dive into the cool, 142-foot depths of the lake. Keep your eye out for the black and white pattern of the local loons that have settled at Caspian Lake; these birds spend their lives on the water and carefully select only the most quiet and peaceful of lakes as their home. Listen for their eerie calls or try to catch a loon make a dive without a splash from afar—loons are especially sensitive to boat traffic and prefer a peaceful environment.

Whether it’s birding, boating, or just plain relaxing, Caspian Lake is Vermont’s best place to be on a warm sunny day. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.